Bits & Pieces...

…You find that you are made up of bits and pieces of all who ever touched your life, and you are more because of it, and you would be less if they had not touched you. –Lois Cheney

Often, when we are in a grateful place, we think about the people closest to us with appreciation and love. We reflect on family, friends, and even colleagues who have been a part of our lives.

But there is also a group of people that we tend to forget about, probably because they walk in and out of our lives so quickly. My grandmother used to refer to these people as Walking Angels. These are the people who cross our paths just at the right moment, for just the right reasons, and in an incredibly impactful way. In most cases, they are brief encounters; some would say coincidental. And yet, we are more because of it and would be less if they had not touched us.

Take last week for example. I had been second-guessing some of my recent decisions and feeling a little disconnected to the things that matter most to me…that is before Robin Peglow Berg walked into my life (she was last week’s guest on the show). We met at Daz Bog Coffee for the pre-show meeting and she immediately gave me a copy of her new book, Discover Your Intuitive Style: Simple Steps to Make a Right Decision Every Time. Oddly, learning how to develop my intuition and trusting my gut was exactly what was not happening for me in my life and her message could not have come at a more perfect time. Was that coincidental? I don’t think so.

I must admit, having a radio show that focuses on personal and professional growth allows me to meet a lot of Walking Angels, many of whom have graced our studio as guests. And in each case, they’ve left a lasting impression on me because of something they said, something they did, something they wrote, or just how I felt in their presence. Guests like Lynne Waggoner-Patton, who radiated love through every pore of her body, or Mark Sanborn, whose wit and passion revealed why he’s in the Speakers Hall of Fame. Remember Erik Weihenmayer? How much inspiration can one guy have, not to mention being the first blind hiker to assent Mount Everest?

Who have been your Walking Angels and what impact have they had on you?

The next time you hit your knees before bed, don’t forget to acknowledge all the Walking Angels that have passed through your life, however briefly. Maybe it was the store clerk’s smile that caused you to lighten up. Maybe it was the unexpected call from your former college roommate whom you haven’t talked to in years. Or maybe it was the woman who let you cut in line because you were in such a hurry. It really doesn’t matter for our Walking Angels are all around us.

And guess what? It’s not an accident. And it is not an accident that we have each been a Walking Angel for others as well.

Isn’t it nice to know that we are never alone in this game of life!