Does the World Look Different From Behind a Mask?

Does the world look different from behind a mask?



Because a mask can provide anonymity, take away inhibitions, and bring out our alter-egos.

Image what would happen if we all wore masks on a designated day each year? Would anything be different? Would you be different? How?

This may surprise some of you but I was a cast member for the Colorado Renaissance Festival a few years back. Of course I use the term cast member loosely since I spent most of my time at the Festival as a giant puppet. That’s me inside the Queen puppet below.

I was attracted to the Renaissance Festival because it was a world of make-believe…and I wanted to play and become a child again. I wanted to give my alter-ego a stage. And I chose the giant puppet role simply because it was easy to do and because I could do it with complete anonymity.

Needless to say, it was a blast. Everybody wants to interact with the giant puppets. Everybody wants a photo with the King and Queen. We (both puppets always went out together) were the center of attention wherever we went on the grounds.

I wish at times I could be more that guy but without the mask/costume. Do you know what I mean?

I have a theory

For purposes of my theory, I’m going to refer to our “uninhibited” side as the Shadow.

I believe that we (I’m using “we” because I’m including myself in this) all need to be dancing with our shadow side on a regular basis. If it’s inhibitions we are talking about, then we should be regularly pushing that boundary...doing things out of our comfort zones.


Because I believe our shadow side is just as much a part of us as the side we predominantly show to the world, let alone ourselves.  It completes the yin and yang of our being. And, the closer we are to our shadow side, the more congruent we are with all aspects of ourselves.

But you already knew this.

For me, it wasn’t until I experienced life inside the puppet that I realized how “inhibited” I had become outside the puppet. I knew this because I was having way more fun than a normal person should be having wearing a heavy puppet costume on a hot summer day.

Of course, I’m often the last person to see the obvious. Nevertheless, I’m all about changing things up now and trying new things. I feel more connected with myself as a result.

But I still do miss the puppet at times.