"Support Team Ready?"

The Trust Fall activity is a powerful metaphor that demonstrates risk taking, trust, vulnerability, safety, and being truly present for one-another. But more importantly, it highlights the significance of a support team. Person about to fall backwards: “Support team ready?”

Support team (with enthusiasm): “Support team ready!”

Person about to fall backwards: “Falling!”


In my opinion, the support team concept is one of the most important keys to effective leadership, regardless whether we are talking professionally or personally. In the Leading From Within three-day program, I methodically build this support team through the experiential outdoor activities…the evening fireside chats…and the numerous personal sharing exercises.

Why so much attention to the group dynamics you ask?

Because if a “group field” of trust, appreciation, acceptance, and support isn’t present, true authenticity will remain in check. And I believe it is important to experience who we need to be and not just talk about it.

The hardest part of doing the Leading From Within program for me is the ending. It’s that moment when the program has come to a close and no one seems to want to leave.

Do you know that moment I’m talking about?

Participants linger around the room, delaying the goodbyes and packing up. Everyone is in slow motion mode, waiting for someone else to be the first to depart. It is a very sweet moment for me as well as I too want to hold on to the sacred space that has been created after three days of powerful work and sharing with one-another.