Leading From Within is a personal empowerment program designed to help you become the authentic leader you were meant to be in all facets of your life. This program includes a powerful self-reflective process (The Personal Compass) that enables you to review and assess your life in a meaningful way along with a supportive environment to help you do that. Using both the indoor and outdoor classroom, you’ll walk away from this workshop with a renewed sense of purpose, passion, motivation and tools to lead your life in a meaningful way.

By participating in the Leading From Within workshop, you will:

  • Gain a new self-awareness regarding your ability to lead your life with purpose, passion, and integrity.

  • Have greater insight and alignment between all the different roles you play in your life.

  • Learn how to lead your life as your authentic self.

  • Replace unwanted patterns of your past and re-create new patterns to live and lead by.

  • Leave with the tools and resources to continue your journey of self-development.

Upcoming Programs

Leading From Within: September 25th, Colorado Community Mental Health Associates Conference, Breckenridge, CO

Leading From Within: November 9th at the University of Denver, 8-4pm. This is a public program.

Leading From Within: City of Westminster, CO, Leadership Academy. Date TBD.

To learn more, click here or contact Greg at greg.giesen@du.edu or greg.giesen@me.com.



  • Keynote speech on Authentic Leadership

  • Half-day program

  • Full-day program


Schedule Greg for his keynote: Leading From Within–Three Keys to Living Life with Passion and Purpose!

Or contact him for information on the half-day Mini-Leading From Within program.