In addition to Geese's books below, he is working on his current book called, The Solo Retreat: An annual process for self-reflection & rejuvenation. If you've heard Greg talk about leading from within, you're already familiar with the importance of a solo retreat. Well guess what? This book/guidebook will outline the whole process to help you begin planning your annual get-away.

Books by Greg Giesen

MONDAYS AT 3: A Story for Managers Learning to Lead

Winner:   Best Business Fable, Axiom Business Book Awards, 2008   Runner-Up:   2013 Hollywood Book Festival, Business Books Division   Finalist:   The National Best Books Awards, Management & Leadership, 2008

Winner: Best Business Fable, Axiom Business Book Awards, 2008
Runner-Up: 2013 Hollywood Book Festival, Business Books Division
Finalist: The National Best Books Awards, Management & Leadership, 2008

Mondays At 3 is a heart-warming novel about the trials and tribulations of a struggling manager, Justin O’Brien, and the incredible transformation he goes through after meeting advice columnist, Dr. Mac. Their correspondence turns into a friendship that reveals to Justin the secrets of leadership that completely turns his life around.  Click here if you would like the study guide that accompanies the book.

“A touching story about life, leadership, and personal growth. The special bond between Justin and Dr. Mac is truly a Greater Than Yourself relationship in action!” - Steve Farber, Bestselling Author of The Radical Lead Re-Energized and Greater Than Yourself

“Greg’s authenticity and ability to teach through his writing is what makes Mondays At 3 a must read for every leader.” - Tommy Spaulding, New York Times Bestselling Author of It’s Not Just Who You Know

“Mondays At 3 talks about some of the most important and specific challenges a new leader faces. If you are a new leader, read this book! If you lead, coach, or mentor new leaders, read it yourself and buy copies for them!” - Kevin Eikenberry, Co-author of From Bud to Boss: Secrets to a Successful Transition to Remarkable Leadership

Also available on as an audio book, here are the first six chapters.

Meaningful Questions for the Minds & Souls of Today’s Leaders

An incredible resource for any leader. The most effective leaders are those who lead by a set of core values that reflect both who they want to be and the contribution they want to make in the world. These leaders show up in all endeavors as the same person guided by the same principles. They truly want to make a difference in the world and in the live of those they touch. This book of 200 powerful, thought-provoking questions provides an avenue to help anyone in a leadership position better understand themselves and who they are as a leader.

Meaningful Questions for Meaningful Moments

A powerful book of 200 thought-provoking questions that will take you on a powerful journey through your own life. This valuable resource will help you gain greater appreciation for who you are, where you have been, and where you are headed. In addition to creating insightful self-reflection, Creating Authenticity can be used to stimulate more authentic and meaningful conversations with the people who matter to you the most.