The following podcasts were from Geese's weekly radio talk show featuring powerful interviews with inspirational authors, speakers, and business leaders. The videos are from Geese's current work at the University of Denver with the Fridays@Noon Show.

Fridays@Noon Show:

Team Dysfunction

Managing Up

Eight Simple Rules to Managing Conflict

Rule 1: Begin with the End in Mind

Rule 2: Stay Off the Ladder

Rule 3: Choose Your Style, &

Rule 4: Take the Initiative

Rule 5: Focus Out before Focusing In

Rule 6: Ask for What You Need

Rule 7: Manage the How and the What Will Take Care of Itself

 Rule 8: Empower the Third Side

 Additional Topics

How to Effectively Facilitate a Meeting

 The Human Side of Retirement

 Intro to Change Management

 Anger Management

 Raising Our Intuition