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Welcome to Leading from Within

Welcome to Leading From Within. We offer personal empowerment services to help individuals, teams, and leaders lead from the inside out, so that what people see on the outside is a reflection of who they are on the inside. It’s called authentic leadership. And we do it through keynote speeches, one-on-one coaching, and through our books, blogs, and podcasts.

Greg “Geese” Giesen is the founder and lead facilitator of the Leading From Within services.


Greg Giesen is an accomplished motivational speaker and presenter. As a keynote speaker, he applies humor…

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Greg Giesen has been a management and employee coach for over 30 years. Working with all levels within an…

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Geese’s Books

In addition to Geese’s books below, he is working on his current book called, It’s All About Me: Stories and Insights…

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